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Administering an estate or a trust is a significant responsibility, but we believe the process does not need to be complicated, lengthy, or expensive. It is important to us to preserve the assets of an estate or trust by finding the simplest and most economical method to meet your family's needs. We also want to make sure you understand the legal process you're a part of, and we take time to explain the purpose of each step and your options at every juncture.

Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience assisting clients through probate and trust administrations. We have handled matters ranging from simple uncontested proceedings to highly contested estates involving litigation over substantial assets. No matter where you are in the process, we can assist you in moving your matter to completion.

Administering an estate or a trust can sometimes be overwhelming, and we strive to do whatever we can to make the experience easier. We consider your needs beyond the legal aspects of your duties and can put you in touch with trusted professionals in any field where you may need assistance.

Probate & Trust Administration Services

-Establishment of decedent residency

-Advisement regarding the necessity of opening a probate estate

-Affidavits of collection for estates that do not meet the threshold for probate

-Guidance through the entire probate processes, including:

        -Application or petition for appointment as personal representative

        -Filing of the will (if applicable)

        -Determining intestate succession per statutory law

        -Negotiation with creditors and defense against collection actions

        -Common Law Spouse Litigation

         -Will & Trust contests, Probate litigation

         -Agreements among successors

         -Disputes regarding estate distributions, including alleged common law marriages

        -Advisement regarding proper performance and documentation of estate asset collection and expense payments

        -Communication with heirs and devisees

        -Priority of distributions from the estate

         -Closing of the estate

-Collections actions against an estate (including litigation if necessary)

-Collection and litigation actions on behalf of an estate

-Assistance and advisement regarding trustee’s administration of a trust, including

        -Trust registration

        -Advisement on reporting requirements to beneficiaries and interested persons and assistance with such reporting or requests

        -Trust accounting and inventories

        -Transfer of designated assets into a trust

        -Negotiation and/or litigation regarding disputes related to the trust

         -Communication with trust beneficiaries

-Representation of non-personal representative interested persons and non-trustee trust beneficiaries regarding their interests in an estate or trust

-Ancillary filings for out-of-state probate cases where Colorado real estate must be transferred

-Preparation of personal representative's deeds and supplemental affidavits

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