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The Power and Risks of Beneficiary Designations

Passing on assets by designating a beneficiary can be a wise move, but there are risks to consider.

Estate Planning Silver Lining to Stock Market Drop

In March of 2020, the market plummeted. However, there could be opportunity hidden in the drop.

Governor Polis’s Executive Order Makes Remote Estate Planning Possible

Due to COVID-19, Governor Polis issued an order allowing remote notarization. This makes it possible to complete estate planning-- including signing-- from the safety of your home.

Common Estate Planning Questions

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we received a number of estate planning questions. These are the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Power of Attorney Between Spouses: Is it Necessary?

People may believe that there is no need for one spouse to give Power of Attorney to the other. Attorney Brian Petz discusses this belief.

Litigation Roadmap: The Typical Phases of a Civil Case

The ins and outs of Civil Litigation

Evictions Allowed to Proceed in Colorado

Evictions are allowed with the expiration of Governor's Executive Order

Flying Solo on your next Real Estate Purchase? What to Consider

Important considerations for buyers or sellers working without professional assistance

Is It Malpractice When a Doctor Misses a Diagnosis?

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